It's Gold for the BMT!

Fantastic news! At the award ceremony for South and South East in Bloom on 20th September 2017, the Bishop’s Meadow Trust won a Gold Award in the “Large Conservation Area” class. The Bishop’s Meadow Trust Chairman Jim Munro noted that:

“this is the first year that the Meadow has been entered in its own right rather than as part of Farnham in Bloom. A huge thank you to all those who have worked on the Meadow and helped to restore this wonderful green space. 

On learning of the news, many of our members have written back to congratulate the Trust and express continued support. Member Sue Shaw wrote the following:

“Thank you to all the Bishop’s Meadow Trust committee for your passion to save and restore this important lung of Farnham; for your energy, enthusiasm and time generously given.

I have learned through my small efforts to support you. Farnham needs this meadowland even more today due to the encroachment of housing, the huge increase in the number of polluting vehicles and the need for a space for people to enjoy nature, even exercise their dogs.

It is important for our community to understand that the Meadow does not just exist or look after itself. Without your expert management, the work of your committee and the support of local residents we would not have this space for us and our town to breathe”.

We are all thrilled and thanks again to everyone who contributed to this success.