Our orchard project starts to fruit

In March 2014, the Bishop’s Meadow Trust fenced off some of its land adjacent to the Cemetery to create an orchard. At that time, we invited children from 7 local schools to help in planting the fruit trees which was a great success! Our intention was that the orchard would contribute to local schools as an educational tool and we are now happy that the next steps are finally underway. We will initially be working with Potters Gate C of E Primary School, St Peter’s C of E Primary School and Badshot Lea Village Infants’ School on a project aimed to link these schools to the Bishop’s Meadow.

To make this happen, 3 fruit trees will be gifted to each of the 3 schools for them to plant on their school grounds. The trees will be of the same varieties as the ones already on the orchard in the Meadow. Each school will also be allocated 3 of the fruit trees already planted in the orchard. With funding obtained from the Farnham Lions each school will also be given a weather station to enable weather conditions to be accurately recorded on their individual sites.

As the project progresses, the children will observe changes to the trees at school and on the Meadow to learn what differences there can be according to different locations.

The Bishop’s Meadow Trust will help the children to learn about the care and maintenance of their trees both at school and in the orchard on the Meadow. We hope that by the end of the year it will be possible for all the schools to meet up together on the Meadow to carry out a bio-sweep with help from the Surrey Wildlife Trust (sponsored by the Farnham Round Table).

This is a simple but exciting project and we are looking for volunteers who could come in and support the schools. If you would like to give a hand please contact Jo Aylwin by email Joanneaylwin@outlook.com