Barn Owl Found on the Meadow

Ed Partridge, one of the Bishop’s Meadow Trust Directors, found a barn owl lying on the Bishop’s Meadow recently. Unfortunately it was dead.

Informing other BMT directors of this event, Ed commented “while this is always a sad sight as these are possibly one of the UK’s most beautiful birds, I was also very pleased to know that the Meadow is attracting barn owls. Barn owls are a species that is in desperate need of conservation so having one on the Meadow means we are doing something right and it is also a very important species to have recorded on the Meadow. I really see this as a testament to all the hard work we have done since 2009 to preserve and look after the site.”

Barn owls are usually spotted in open country, along field edges, riverbanks and roadside verges. They are mainly noctural, but may hunt before dusk and around dawn when feeding young and in daylight in winter.

So if you are out on the Meadow, keep a look out for this stunningly beautiful bird.