Cattle re-introduced on the meadows after an absence of 40 years

The introduction of cattle is a trial and is intended to encourage flower growth, and discourage the growth of weeds. This will be achieved by the animals eating the thick grasses and some of the weeds, and by their hooves penetrating through the underblanket of grasses and cutting up the soil.

The benefit of this will be an improvement in the whole ecology and biodiversity of the meadow, which will be achieved gradually over a number of years. This is an initiative that is outlined in the Meadow Management Plan, created for the Bishop’s Meadow by Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The project has the added value of bringing additional visitors to the meadows, and is already proving to be of great interest to the local community, including children and their families. Field trips by local schools will undoubtedly follow.

You are welcome to walk through the cattle field and say hello, but please close the gates and obey the notice signs displayed.